Sample Case Study Paper on Google

Assignment Expectations

  • All individual web-assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word (2003 or newer) attachment to the assignment folder. Use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, double-space, 1” margins, left-justify your text, and include your last name and page numbers in the header of each page.
  • Students must utilize appropriate APA (6th Edition) conventions when citing and referencing material.
  • Minimum writing requirements are as follows:
    • Quality: Proper grammar, sentence construction, punctuation and spelling
    • Completeness: Assignment addresses all of components and requirements set forth in the instructions
    • Accuracy: All concepts and theories are applied correctly
    • Critical thinking: Use of independent thought and research as evidence to support your assertions
    • Professionalism: Professional tone in writing and assignment appearance
  • Case analyses should be a minimum of three complete pages excluding the title and reference pages.