Sample Case Study Paper on “Innosight_HBR_How-PG-Tripled-Its-Innovation-Success-Rate”

This is a Case study Assignment, please read the ASSIGNMENT BRIEF carefully,follow the step in the “Innovation and Change Coursework 1 case study doc.”, The name of the article is “Innosight_HBR_How-PG-Tripled-Its-Innovation-Success-Rate”

Note that you only need to write “Task 1” for now. I hope you can help me with my Task 2 later on, but for now is only need to do Task 1. Thanks

Reading a Research Paper

Evaluating the following questions can help you better in understanding the research paper.

  • Spend a minute individually considering the question “Why read a research paper?”

Share your ideas with those sitting close to you.

  • Now focus your attention on the research article linked to coursework one and work

through the following questions: –

  1. What sort of journal is it from?
  2. Who is the intended reader? E.g. general practitioner, academic etc.
  3. Who are the authors? – Where are they from?
  4. What does the title tell you about the article?
  5. Does the abstract describe the findings or the methodology?
  6. How is the paper organised? i.e. Is it divided into sections?

What sections are they?

  1. Does it have a systematic literature review?
  2. What is its research question or aim? Is this clear?
  3. What is its claim?
  4. What is it trying to do? E.g. build a theory, test a theory, extend

a theory, extend practice/knowledge.

  1. What research methods and strategies have been used?
  2. What are the main findings of the research?
  3. Are there significant controversies?
  4. Are there inconsistent findings?
  5. What are the unanswered research questions in this area?
  6. What do the authors conclude?