Sample Communication Paper on Hackers

Sample Communication Paper on Hackers

Hackers refers to a group of computer professionals who can use their knowledge to expand or acquire unauthorized information from different focal points (Bowen 3). Depending on the purpose for the hacking it can either impact positively or negatively. However, I differ with Simon on some opinions. First, in the opinion he suggests is a bit baseless that hackers only goal is to “outdo the pillars of security of different information”. One would see it as baseless since there are some governmental institutions who hack the security details to give protection to the public and nation at large hence the goal for hackers is not only to outsmart security pillars. To put it in more accurate way hackers, have many goals for hacking among them is the circumvent pillars as suggested. The second opinion is that when justifying an action of a program it is not of weight to try to compare different browsers using single handed opinions has just been done that in the case of the Mozilla and the rest.

On the other hand, the Amara discussion can be very justifiable for many reasons (Bowen 7). One of the reasons the Amara’s part of opinion seems to have fact of what is spoken of rather than just generalized information about hackers. The second reason anybody would by Amara’s discussion is because it is more of accurate and tend to give what is taken by any hacker (Oriana 1). From the line “More often than not, we assume that the browsers that come with the operating systems are secure, yet they are not set up in a safe default configuration” is a factual opinion and most users never bother to know how the computers do operate but uses them. Therefore, I would recommend that any discussion held should always have proper organization of flow of facts, opinions and suggestions since this would help avoid circumnavigating many rubrics than facts (Bowen 3).


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