Sample Communications Paper on Communication and Relationships

Communication and Relationships


Communication is the transfer of information from one individual to another, in different forms, with an aim of passing a message or expressing oneself to reach mutual understanding. The Crash movie which was directed by Paul Haggis, is all about the ethnic discrimination, beliefs, and tension in the society. The character Matt Dillon who played the Officer John Ryan, has used the interpersonal communication and nonverbal approach of communication, which speaks louder as compared to the verbal communication. Ryan disliked the blacks to an extreme. The media convey the picture of blacks’ gang activities, poverty, and endless criminal accounts.

According to the Crash movie, Ryan misinterpreted every offence a black did to the larger community, he did not believe that someone can make a decision to act wrongly, he made an assumption that the criminal did wrong because they were black. Ryan had a terrible personal occurrence with his dad, hence the behavior. After the emotional event with Christine, Ryan realizes that he was mismanaging his emotions, and his actions were not up to any good. He then makes a turn back and looked at how the blacks emotionally impacted him. Ryan is seen helping his ailing father; he even goes further seek alternative health care for the dad. Eventually, Ryan turns out to be the most caring; he made certain people change their perception, and can be seen as risk taker and saver of live at the crime scene.


Theories of Relationship Development

  1. Social Penetration Theory:

This theory is proposed as the relationship growing interpersonal communication gradually from shallow or non-intimate level to more intimate level. The theory is based on information drawn from test (Greene 89). In most cases individuals distant themselves from people they do not know because of many theories they know, unknowingly that these people can either be of importance in future, or by being friendly they can touch their living positively.

The Crash movie illustrates this theory; at the beginning Ryan did not have any friendly sensitivity to the blacks. There after he is changes his emotions gradually, he becomes sociable, loving, caring and friendly to those around him despite their racial backgrounds. Given that he is a cop, Ryan reaches out to man people and through his action, people change their emotions hence helping in the society.

  1. Interpersonal Relationship Theory

The theory refers to sentiment and behaviors that are shaped from past experiences in life, particularly those that remind a person about someone or some experience in the past.

The theory states that bad experiences from the past, lead individuals to loss of confidence in new relationships (Greene 101). Strangers go through stages to decide whether to bond or draw apart. Marriages go through this theory, they examine themselves to find out if they are compatible, and they can decide to keep the relation or go separate ways.

Officer Ray at the beginning of the movie, acted like he wasn’t concerned about those around him from a different ethnicity, later he decides to do away with his emotions and interlace with those around him. He does away with the hard heart that about the blacks and the bad experience that brought his emotions. He makes a positive move to help others and move forward.

Duck’s Relationship Filtering Model Development 

For a relationship to grow, individuals have to understand each other and go through different models to reach the relationship’s stability (Greene 101). The Ducks development model goes through some filter as the, name imply.

  1. Distance

Distance filtering stage; start with people working close together. Christine and Ryan were together often, they were close, despite the fact that Ryan did not treat her and the husband right. Ryan for instance developed a relation with Christine and the people who came across in his work place.

  1. Perception

These are the assumption one has towards the other person. Wrong perception affects connection (Leathers & Michael 14). Officer Ryan had thought that all blacks are criminals and needed not be treated right. He had affected his relationship with the blacks until he decided to be positive.

  1. Physical appearance

Individuals are in many cases attracted to appealing and confident persons (Leathers & Michael 34). They look at people on the exterior then decide if one is worth a relationship (Greene 117). The Crash movie confirms that Ryan, before he decided to change, would look at the color of people. If somebody was not what he wanted, then he had no business with them.

Maintenance /Ending a Relationship

            Individuals can either decide to maintain relationships if they are compatible or end the relation if they are not (Greene 134). The film Crash, the relationship is maintained. Ryan goes back to his father despite the bad experiences he had before. He decided to help people around him, be more concerned and caring. He was with his father during the health problem period he was going through.


Interpersonal relationships are strong bonds between two persons. In order for a nation to move forward, people working in the same organizations to deliver and to experience success in life people should have communication. The type of communication does not matter, it can be verbal, or non-verbal, each individual does communicate in their own ways, it all depends on how the information is sent, how the other party receives the information and the response. Human beings are naturally social and the experience with others shapes them. For effective interpersonal communication, people should not define individuals based on bad experiences they had with a person from a certain racial.




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