Sample Communications Paper on Reflection as Growth

Reflection as Growth

The two valuable lessons I have learned in communication principles are the importance of active listening, and the use of friendly body language when communicating with other people. I learned that listening is very different from just hearing what the other person has to say. It involves the reception and processing of the information before giving the speaker feedback (Koponen & Julkunen, 2015). Additionally, I have learned that body language can communicate more about a person than the words he or she is saying. This is because the body language of a person ranging from the gaze of the eyes, facial expressions, and posture can tell a lot about the state of mind that the person has.

The two valuable lessons I have learned regarding business writing is the importance of using the appropriate tone in the text, and paying attention to the format of the business texts. For example, it is wise to avoid the use of sarcasm in business writing, as it can either be misinterpreted or offend the intended audience (Lentz, 2013). In addition, the use of wrong formats in business writing can give the wrong impression regarding the competence of the writer. Writing in the correct form also eliminates confusion.

Learning communication and business writing skills will be essential in improving my success in life. In academics, my listening skills have been improved, and I believe my performance will be better as a result. Business writing will help in my professional life, as communication in written form will be perfect and aid career growth. Personally, communication skills will assist in becoming a more understanding and reliable person to my friends and family. My civics goals are to live in a world where all people are treated equally and opportunities offered on merit. Communication skills will help me in speaking out whenever I see any injustice in my community.


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