Sample Communications Paper on Situation in Venezuela

Sample Communications Paper on Situation in Venezuela

Venezuela is one of the countries that have remained on the spot in the recent past. One of the most interesting things about the country is that its President, Nicolas Maduro was adored by many. According to Frantz and Geddes, the country has several issues including a dictatorial rule, corruption, and lack of proper Constitution (2). As one of the oil-rich countries in Latin America, Venezuela is observed as a country with an undoubted economic potential. However, persistent corruption in the public administration and the unwavering political is still a question to be addressed.

Currently, the protest in Venezuela remains unresolved as both the opposition and the adamant government continue to differ. Levine argues that the government’s security forces had been wrongly used to repress the protests violently (n.p). Despite the attempts to resolve the Venezuelan political situation, the country continues to experience a more severe crisis that is interconnected. According to Nagel, the country is currently facing one of the worst cases of inflation, and the rate is estimated to be 720.5% by the end of 2017 (54). The wrought economic status in the country is responsible for the unstable public health standards (Frantz and Geddes 3). The scarcity of medicine and medical equipment in most of the Venezuelan public hospitals also remains high. President Maduro’s authoritarian rule has further oppressed individuals in opposition for failing to support his leadership. With the unstable economy, Venezuela now experiences the worst case of poverty and insecurity. Currently, the president’s popularity is at its lowest level despite his dictatorial rule in the country. He has attempted to revive his support but failed. Venezuela, therefore, continues to experience a crisis on the watch of the international community.



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