Sample Communications Paper on Teamwork

Teamwork is an essential segment in an organization since it has a positive impact on employee performance and enhance a smooth and effective operation of the business. Notably, in most instances, managers integrate collaboration when encountered with complex tasks that need urgent completion (Gratton and Tamara n.p). However, large and diverse groups face numerous challenges such as disagreements among the members which impede efficient coordination.  As such, implementing various techniques like joint decision-making helps to avert conflicts within the team and facilitate efficient operations.

Efficient and effective teamwork is vital in achieving a given job and organizational objectives. As such, to facilitate smooth operations, some of the techniques to consider include human resource (HR) practices, support from the executive, and the group structure. Positive managerial relationship with the team members coupled with collaborative characters among the directors helps in promoting efficient teamwork (Gratton and Tamara n.p). Additionally, HR practices such as investing in pieces of training aimed at strengthening the group’s collaborative skills assist in promoting cooperation in a team. Lastly, building teams based on preexisting relations enhances the chances of project completion.

Facilitating joint decision-making among the team members enable one to feel valuable within the group, hence, avert disagreements by allowing individuals to express their ideas. Additionally, promoting the need to respect one’s opinion and diversity within the team is significant in preventing conflicts while enhancing group performance (Gratton and Tamara n.p). Finally, clearly stated roles and responsibilities of the group associates improves the collaboration.

Teamwork has a significant impact on the performance of the employees and in enhancing the effective operation of the assigned tasks. As such, techniques such as the cordial relationship between the group members and the executive help in facilitating efficient coordination. Additionally, integrating joint-decision making coupled with clearly defined roles assist in averting disagreement in a group.

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