Sample Comparison Essay: Offshoring Vs Outsourcing

Offshoring Vs Outsourcing

There is a lot to bear in mind or to come up with when tackling topic such as offshoring and outsourcing. Offshoring is ability to have work done in a different country for leverage or cost advantages while outsourcing refers to an organization contracting work out to a third party. Many companies find it easy to outsource their work, but not to offshore it. For instance, some companies hire an outside law firm to review contracts instead of maintaining and utilizing their own or in-house lawyers. It is also wise to keep in mind that it is also possible to offshore work but not to outsource it. For instance, we can easily find a customer service center in India to serve American clients.

Offshore outsourcing may mean many things to different people. However, it is the practice of hiring vendors to do work offshore simply to lower the costs and take advantage of the vendors’ expertise, large and scalable labor pool and reachable economies of scale. Many times, when we get work done in a different country, such actions are usually criticized for transferring these opportunities to other countries. Other things that have made many people shun from offshoring include geopolitical reasons language barrier and poor communication among others.

Outsourcing has not been a thing for many people or countries. There are notable risks that are associated with Proofreading-Editingoutsourcing for instance, lack of in-house knowledge of the critical business operations. Misaligned interests of clients and vendors are also a notable risk that is not easy to run away from. Reliance on third parties is the other common risk associated to outsourcing.

Besides the aforementioned risk of both offshoring and outsourcing, there are numerous benefits to bear in mind. To start with, offshoring offers an opportunity to cost save. Many countries usually offshore in countries where the wages are low, hence, this provides an opportunity to save more. These saving are a great relieve for customers, managers and shareholders of these offshoring companies. Offshoring also offers a great opportunity to develop new and better skills. This is usually influenced by competition between the involved parties. a country will develop a better ecosystem for certain companies and this will present a way to enjoy better skilled human resources.

When it comes to outsourcing, there are exceptional benefits to hold in mind. These benefits include ramping up and down of resources and offering more specialized skills. labor flexibility and cost efficiencies are the other benefits to revel in once a country or company opts to outsource.

Many practices have evolved with great development in the business sector. These practices have helped mitigate risks of improving outcomes of projects that are either offshored or outsourced by a given country or individual. Both offshoring and outsourcing are in the rise today.  World recession has forced many companies to explore the available options to increase efficiencies and lower costs. Companies have comfortable with offshoring and outsourcing. The Information Technology [IT] is one of the areas that have been enjoying great market. All this means that, there are great opportunities out there to utilize in the business sector.

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