Sample Composition Essays on Analysis of Web Sources

The web sources analyzed are and is a commercial venture that specializes in providing news a opinions regarding the US politics. It has been observed and accused to be leaning towards liberal politics (Anderson and Sheeler 230). Being commercial means that it is not free of bias. Moreover, the numerous opinion pieces on the website do not go through peer reviews. One is bound to believe or dismiss information on Huffington Post depending on his/her core beliefs and political affiliations. The news on the website is mostly against the conservatives and supportive of the left-wing politics. The commercial nature of the website does not make it ideal for academic or objective research.

Brookings, on the other hand, is a nonprofit think tank that is committed to researching and coming up with solutions for emerging problems in the society. The site describes the organization as a public policy organization that comes up with ideas to solve problems at the local, national and global scale. The nonprofit nature of the organization behind the website and the fact that it is devoted to research makes it a good web source for academic research. However, the organization publishing the website has been accused of being partisan in the recommendations and opinions given on he site (Andrzejewski). The organization runs mostly on donations. Whoever provides the biggest donation usually gets policy suggestions that are favorable to their interests (TEDxOslo). This accusation severely limits the potential of Brookings website as a source of objective information.

Having analyzed the source of the websites and their nature, one is compelled to dismiss them both as sources of academic research and unbiased information. The opinions and recommendations given on the websites are mostly influenced by the funders of the organizations. The business models of the two websites make them unreliable.




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