Sample Composition Paper on Homeland Security

Homeland Security (HS)

Homeland security department was created in 2002 by merging twenty-two distinct federal department into a unified agency. The main mandate of homeland security is to protect US citizens of different topologies against possible terrorist attack and cyber-attacks (Homeland Security,2019). To be able to achieve this it is important to set the right vision, and mission for the organization. Therefore, this paper discusses the predominant topologies of the US, monitoring organization missions and the best way to design a website as a dissident of America.

The first topology that predominates in the US is the social first class. They constitute less than 1% of the US population, but their members are over-represented in the government, corporations and nonprofit organizations (Domhoff, 2017). They live in suburban and large estates with a couple of homes throughout the country. Secondly, corporations have the greatest power in US society. This is because such entities have the power in the whole society, for instance, to fire or hire workers, decide where and when to invest, and use their profits to influence schools, governments, and charities (Domhoff, 2017).  For nonprofit organizations, they shape the upper and corporates community by creating debates on public policy and editing the public opinion on such debates. Lastly, high-level paid employees aid the super social first class to dominate the federal government (Domhoff, 2017). This is because the super social first class determines their employment.

A review of American Checking organizations shows diverse activities that they work on. Even though most of these organizations’ missions are not well stated, their activities are well defined. For instance, the American Defamation League (ADL) is mainly involved in anti-semitism whereby most people especially the Whites are involved in hate speech about the African Americans. This organization is up-to-date on matters about racial discrimination ( ADL, 2016). Also “Army of God” is dedicated to fighting abortion. For instance, Scott Roeder killing George Tiller, a baby killer abortionist, shows dedication to fight against abortion (Army of God, n.d). This is an indication of the site’s dedication to pursuing their missions let alone stating it.

As an American dissident, I would design my website with a clearly stated mission that will propel towards my vision. Also, I would keep the website updated on matters about our course and achievements to attract more visitors and donations. It will also note the critiques to the government on their failures towards supporting a good course.



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