Sample Composition Paper on Peops

Sample Composition Paper on Peops

I read your peop about Aaron Cometbus. Therefore, I am writing to inform you that I chose your peop because I was drawn to your story. I liked your art and story because we have had similar experiences. I also liked your interaction with Aaron Cometbus. His nderstanding and knowledge in writing is one thing that inspires me. I therefore, marveled as I read your regaling piece of peop.

At some point when I first landed in Berkeley, I happened to interview Cometbus.  When I asked him whether Cometbus was about his own personal diaspora, he acknowledged that it was not his personal account. In fact, according to him, he had come to represent in print what he had been writing about bands, coffee, travelling, and girls, before representing his ideas on what he had written about Berkeley. He added that all that he had written were things to do with life and are among the imperative stuffs one would not wish to go without. Nevertheless, he was projecting himself to them. He had therefore, purposed to use art to talk about the community as well as what he desired to do to the people in the society rather than talk about himself.

When asked whether he started with distinctive handwriting style when he commenced art, it was interesting to note that he commenced art with the same distinctive art as it was then. However, as time surpassed, he grew smarter in art and could do great stuff. He laughed at the fact that he started writing in caps when he was 13 years because he was imitating the handwriting of the mother.

It was also regaling to note that the thing of art has been in the family lineage. Indeed, almost everyone in the family is an artist. Cometbus agreed that his style in art must have been inherited because he did not read much as a kid. However, every time he could catch himself in various rooms covered with paper crossing lines on different pieces of papers. At the same time, he would watch the father do his art stuff on papers.

When I asked him whether reading books when growing up contributed to his idiosyncratic style, he agreed that he failed to read enough books when he was young. According to him, he failed to use his brains to the full potential. He believes that the earlier people are exposed to some ideas, the less pressure and fears one encounters some challenges in life. When people read books, they have more knowledge and more options to choose from when faced with challenges. For instance, he managed to make his handwriting and art better after he started reading books.

Part of his style in art in narrative and vocal styles was mainly due to his consistent in reading. The more he read the better writer he became.  After he started the art of writing, he also travelled alone more. Therefore, he ended up spending insurmountable of time alone, while at the same time thinking about art. This made him more comfortable as he spend good times in libraries, reading the same books in town and libraries. In fact, he added that he would read about 30 pages in each city when he went travelling.

Schill (140) argued that not every person continues to become better every day in writing. Accordingly, the author add that some people commence pretty well when starting to write. However, as time surpasses, their writing skills deteriorate. This is not common to writer but also bands too. Cometbus, however, has a different perception about that. He believed that people should become better and better every day in what they do. According to him, there should be a creative art. Art and writing, he adds, is like writing. It is supposed to be different every day one wakes up. It has to be better compared the last one done.

Nevertheless, his skills in art challenged me to a great extend because I realized that his life experiences were not different from mine. Although I knew two or three relatives in New York, when I started art, no one accorded me the support I needed. As a result, I had to stay by own despite my relatives being around. Life was not easy for me. I had look for means and ways of getting basic needs.

However, as time surpassed, I understood the ways of the town. I landed a job that enabled me to pay for my basic needs and of course create time to do art. At least I could now enjoy the life in the city. As you know, life in the city can be very cumbersome and challenging, notably if you do not understand various ways of making money. Overall, I am grateful that I managed to survive during the first years in the city. I will always recall an experience because it opened my eyes in life. More so, the experiences gathered then have shaped the person I have become today. Nonetheless, I am grateful for your openness because through Cometbus’ art, I understand that I am not the only one who succumbed to challenges.


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