Sample Coursework Essay on Performance Evaluation

Performance Evaluation

Performance criteria define the characteristics that are often considered in the determination of the performance tasks of employers and their employees. In most occasions, the criteria that is involved in performance evaluation are defined in rubrics or scoring guidelines. In the past, benchmark performances have served as good reference points in the process of obtaining every level of competency in organizations. Performance criteria can also be defined as the evaluative statements that specify what should be assessed and the required performance. In many companies or institutions, performance criteria provide detailed information on the activities, knowledge, skills and understanding that give evidence on the competent performance of every element in organizations (Globerson, 1985). In this regard, this paper will discuss the Chief Executive Officer of Samsung Company, giving a detailed outline of the performance criteria of the organization. In addition, the paper will also include the reasons for the selection of performance criteria that will be included. The paper will also examine the merits and demerits of the criteria.

Samsung is among the best performing companies across the world. It is known to produce some of the leading devices like phones, fridges and television screens. The success of the organization has been impacted by the exemplary performance of both its management and staff members. Essentially, an analysis of the performance criteria of the company reveals that there are various factors that should be considered. One is that the performance criteria of the company can be based on its work area and operational setting, which are normally set up based on the ergonomic standards of the workplace.

That implies that setting up a particular workplace based on ergonomic standards is very significant to a company since it motivates or encourages the stakeholders in that particular organization (Lusthaus & Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarrollo (Canada), 1999). With this, there is a potential for positive results on performance in the long run. This is the main reason behind the success of the company. Unlike its competitors, Samsung has an attractive working environment that is very motivating. As a result of this, it can be concluded that the performance criteria of any organization, firm or institution can be based on its set-up, which should be in accordance with the global ergonomic standards.

Secondly, different organizations and companies conduct their operations by using various kinds of work equipment.Proofreading-Editing In the modern times, labor is not human-intensive like before because of technology. Rapid technological chances experienced today have enhanced the level of performance and productivity of many organizations and companies. For instance, the manufacture of electronics in Samsung would not have been very efficient and fast if technology would not have been present. Therefore, it would be right to say that the performance criterion of the firm depends on efficiency of its work equipment, like computers and other machinery. The equipment is usually cleaned, well taken care of, checked and assessed on regular basis. All this is conducted according to the management instructions of the company. All these avenues can be pursued in assessing the performance criteria of the company (Lusthaus & Centro Internacional de Investigaciones para el Desarollo (Canada), 1999).

Thirdly, performance assessment of the Samsung Company can also be conducted through the collection of materials, laying them down in correct proximity and sequence, according to the work procedures of the organization. That implies that when all the materials used by stakeholders are collected, laid down and assessed, if they are in perfect conditions, it can be deduced that the performance of stakeholders is very efficient and appreciative. When workers of an organization carefully handle the tools and equipment that they use at work, their performance level will be highly rated. However, if the opposite of this happens, their performance will be rated low and the performance will be regarded as poor. In this respect, checking out and assessing the conditions of work equipment is one of the performance criteria that has enabled Samsung to maintain its tempo in the global electronics industry. The result of this is that it has ensured loyalty by customers on the company’s products since they are of the best quality and also last longer compared to those of other companies (Adrin et al, 2002).

Performance assessment of Samsung is conducted in respect to various criteria. Some of them, discussed above, include making sure that the company’s work area and setting are arranged according to workplace ergonomic standards, ensuring that the company equipment is usually cleaned, well taken care of, checked, and assessed regularly and that collecting materials are laid down in correct proximity and sequence. All these criteria should be done according to the procedures and management instructions of the company regarding the workplace. There are several reasons for the selection of the included criteria. To begin with, these criteria have been very influential in ensuring the success of Samsung.

This can be as a result of that fact that among all the global electronic companies like Nokia, LG and Apple, among others, Samsung has constantly been at the top. The profitability and productivity of the company have been quite positive and this has enabled it to stay above its competitors. The other reason for the inclusion of the above stated criteria is that they play a critical role in ensuring responsibility and accountability of the stakeholders of the company, and this has numerous advantages to the organization in the long term. The difference between responsible companies and those without accountability and responsibility is that the level of performance can never be at par (Globerson, 1985). For instance, at Samsung, where responsibility and accountability of the stakeholders is paramount, performance is quite positive. That is the reason behind the high profits and productivity achieved by the organization.

Besides, the included performance criteria have various merits and demerits. Setting up the Samsung Company’s work area and setting in accordance with the ergonomic standards of the workplace is advantageous since it ensures that the stakeholders, including management and employees, stay in a suitable working environment without any risks to life. This criterion also ensures that the operations in the organization are conducted effectively and in an orderly manner. The only challenge of this criterion is that it takes quite a lot of time that would be utilized in the development of the company, diverted to other matters. Besides, the equipment of the company is regularly cleaned, well taken care of and assessed. The importance of this criterion is that it ensures the safety of stakeholders at the organization. On the other hand, it also ensures the safety of the equipment of the company. However, the criterion has a challenge because instead of reducing costs, more funds are used for cleaning and assessment of the equipment. As highlighted above, the other way through which Samsung can assess its performance is the collection of materials and laying them down in correct proximity and sequence based on the job requirements. The advantage of this criterion is that it ensures the availability of the necessary materials for the company. Besides, it also ensures that the stakeholders of the organization are held responsible and accountable for the loss or damage of any material that belongs to the company. However, it is time consuming and can significantly be a set back to the organization’s development.

This performance criteria system essentially would be of great significance to the management of Samsung. This is because it would assist the company’s management in becoming aware of the dos and don’ts that would impact the success of the organization.

The apparent knowledge of the financial information of the company would be another way of assessing the performance of the organization. For instance, if profits are made, it would mean that the company is sailing well. However, if the company records losses, the performance of the company would be poor and require change. The main aim of the performance evaluation system in organization is ensuring that the set goals and objectives are achieved, since this would determine the performance of companies. Besides, the performance criteria system of evaluation is considered to be of great importance to organizational stakeholders, especially the managers who are under evaluation. This helps in creating awareness among the managers, of their responsibilities and also easily making sure that their employees are held accountable for their actions (Pagello et al, 2000).

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