Sample Criminal Justice Discussion Paper on Homicide

Some elements make it difficult to investigate the homicide. Experts opine that the threshold of evidence that can be used to secure a conviction in homicide cases is higher than that of other crimes (Brookman and Innes n.p). For example, in a homicide case, prosecutors need to have physical evidence, intent or motive, opportunity, and the body of the victim. Without the body, for example, or enough blood or body tissue to prove that it is not possible for the owner to be alive then a homicide conviction cannot be rendered.

The elements of assault include what an act intended to create, a reasonable apprehension acts of imminent harm and harmful or offensive behavior. It is essential for prosecutors to include eyewitness accounts, video or audio recording, and physical examination results of the victim, expert opinion, motive, and opportunity to commit the crime. Legal professionals assert the intent requirement is used to prove that the act was not accidental and the perpetrator intended to harm the victim (Legal Match n.p).

Kinds of sexual assault include the rape of minors and adults and sexual harassment (Whealin n.p). For a person or group to be convicted of rape by a court of law, the prosecution side ought to prove that unwanted sex happened. They do that through the results of a physical exam of the victim and proof of opportunity for the perpetrator to commit the crime. DNA evidence, recordings, and witnesses are an advantage, but not a requirement in rape cases. The last two, however, may be important in cases of sexual harassment.

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