Sample Criminal Justice Essay on Illegal drug use

Illegal drug use

Illegal use of drugs refers to exploitation of substances in an irresponsible manner. This is in relation to patterns and amounts that are not prescribed by medical experts. Schmalleger (2011) cites that improper use of drugs is not restricted to psychoactive actions. However, unlawful abuse of drugs incorporates activities that are responsible for violating legal procedures in the government.

The expenses of unlawful use of drugs are both regarded as indirect and direct. Their effect is evident among unlawful drug abusers and the community as a whole. This implies that unlawful use of drugs can be depicted in legal, social and economic structures. Furthermore, individuals who are exposed to abuse of drug substances tend to fall sick. Unfortunately, other illegal abusers end up dying in the process. Clearly, people who abuse drugs also commit crimes such as rape. In addition, they also find themselves in violent related situations which render a huge population in the society to be victims.

Equally, these acts have also lead to the initiation of law enforcement events. This incorporates judicial race procedures that leave the government to incur spending rates that are not expected. In addition, unlawful use of drugs reduces returns of the economy. As a result, this contribute to waste of time especially when drug abusers neglect their duties. Evidently, student who are prone to drinking alcohol end up fighting or even indulging in accidents. The effects of Binge drinks are that they subject the users to defy the rights of their fellow students.

The students who are involved in such acts cause accidents within campus. This results to worse injuries and death cases. Furthermore, these drinkers tend to disrupt their colleagues during studies. Others indulge in criminal behaviors such as violence and sexual harassment. The outcome of unlawful use of drugs is that it affects the public both directly and indirectly.



Schmalleger, F. (2011). Criminology Today: An Integrative Introduction, ISBN.



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