Sample Criminal Justice Essays on Community Policing in Action

Drug and Substance Mitigation through Undercover Officers and Informants

            The main drugs traded in Corktown are Narcotics. A drug unit shall be established to focus on hot spots of criminal activities involving narcotics trade. The drug unit shall use mid-level investigations whereby informants and undercover police officers shall play a critical role. The drug unit shall primarily target the mid-level distributors. Often, the lower level-level dealers access drugs through the mid-level level distributors (Curtis, 2017). The drug unit shall also establish probably the highest-ranking traffickers in the trafficking network. The main reason for the formation of the undercover unit is to ensure that the suppliers of drugs are involved through purchasing narcotics in large quantities. Arrests of street-dealers will pave the way for information on the suppliers with an exchange of lenient sentencing.

Public Morality Enforcement

            Most the adolescence crime in Corktown is not only a result of youthful opportunism but also involves aspects such as character and the environment. The general environment in Corktown triggers offense to the vulnerable teenagers. The social atmosphere is, therefore, an essential factor to consider. Through the crime prevention unit, policies on the prohibition of aspects such as smoking in public and sexual misconduct should be implemented. Casinos are also frequent in Corktown and are associated with many instances of violence. There should be policies to regulate casinos and even make it impossible for their operations.

Lie Arrests and Summonses

            Corktown has a reputation for police misconduct, and this can be an obstruction if not dealt with. The police in Corktown have been persistent with lies to gain a conviction. Such behavior by police especially in the war against narcotics can be devastating. Lie arrests consequences shall be stipulated in a policy with severe consequences to discourage the practice. Summons shall also ensure that law enforcement officials are accountable for their acts. Underperforming officials shall be transferred to encourage excellence in exercising their mandates.



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