Sample Criminal Justice Essays on Organizational Assessment Tools

As Trinton Berry mentions, military organizations around the world apply assessment tools to enhance the skills of their staff. These tools play a crucial role in identifying the skill gaps in their workforce to develop the appropriate strategies to address them. Berry also clearly demonstrates how training need assessments are designed to portray the current skill level of the soldiers in comparison with the expected standards and correctly notes that these tools also must be based on the military doctrines to ensure they promote excellence and discipline in the workforce.

I also agree with Berry that military organizations can use organizational assessment tools to meet their human resource needs. One of the major strengths of the post is that it emphasizes that the assessment tools should be aligned with the practices and policies of military organizations. It is vital to ensure all the programs do not go against military doctrines since the order is critical in this profession. Officers in charge of training ought to make efforts to ensure the assessment tools form part of their organizational culture. This culture will enable soldiers to meet their targets with minimal supervision. Consequently, they will maintain high performances in their missions.

I found it worth adding how various assessment tools improve the competence of the soldiers. For example, staff rides, which have existed in military training for a long, expose military students to a broad range of battlefield dynamics. As a result, they learn how to deal with the numerous challenges soldiers experienced on battlefields (Robertson, 2014). The historical battlefield tour is also an important exercise that improves the skills of the soldiers. During this tour, the soldiers visit some of the historical battlefield sites and trails that have a significant impact on the history of regional or global wars. For example, soldiers can visit the historic hill of Gettysburg, which is an ancient battlefield in Russia. Finally, tactical skill exercises enable soldiers to learn more about operational tactics on the battlefields.



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