Sample Criminal Justice Essays on Police Deadly Force Cases

A police officer Michael Rosfeld was charged with the offense of shooting a seventeen-year-old named Antwon Rose for fleeing a crimes scene. Report from the Allegheny County Police Department claim that the shooting took place on nineteenth June 2018 at 8.20pm. According to Nemeth (2019), the police officers found a man shot and rushed him to the hospital, and he luckily survived. However, a particular vehicle was seen fleeing the crime scene and thus the police officers notified other officers regarding that vehicle’s details. Other police offers stopped the car after matching the description, and when they were busy arresting the car’s driver, two individuals managed to jump out of the car. That is when Rosfeld fired and killed Rose, who was a young man studying at Woodland Hills District’s School. The seventeen-year-old was not armed, but he had an empty handgun clip in his pockets when he was shot, and two guns were found in that car.

Rosfeld confirmed that he had not seen the gun before he fired and this is essential for the justification of the shooting. After being questioned by the police, the car driver was released, and the two others that fled from the car got detained the following week. The reason for shooting Rose are not justified as the mistake he did was escaping from the car (Nemeth, 2019). Report further claims that the Pennsylvania regulations permit the police officers to employ deadly forces to ensure a person do not escape arrest if he or she commits a violent offense, is in the position of lethal weapons or if he or she portrays the willingness to injure or kill. The shootings led to protests and raised the awareness of the deadly force used by police officers especially among the black Americans, based on racial disparities.

In my opinion, the shooting was unjustified and illegal and against the Pennsylvania laws and thus the police officers should be arrested. Use of the deadly forces among the police in the United States as a result of the racial differences, should also be addressed to prevent more details among the Native Americans.






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