Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Corps of Discovery

The Corps of Discovery led by Lewis and Clark was given the mandate to explore and document the western side of North America that was later to become a part of the United States. the outcome of the expedition of the Corps of Discovery included documenting of Native Americans and lands in that area as well as the annexation of Louisiana Territory by the Americans from the French.

New Orleans was a port city used for trading. The Americans wanted it for themselves to control commerce and ensure that it was not used against their interests (Anderson). The United States became the enemy because it took the port city from its owner forcibly. Initially, the Americans were only interested in purchasing the city. However, the prevailing circumstances favored the purchase of the entire Louisiana territory. Jefferson sent Robert Livingston as his emissary to Paris to negotiate with Napoleon for the sale of New Orleans. Napoleon had lost hope in ever building an American empire and was willing to sell the Louisiana territory to the Americans (Anderson). The treaty required that the Americans pay the French $15 million and France to have exclusive privileges of trading through the port. The constitution did not allow Jefferson to purchase foreign land. Instead, he presented bid as a treaty between the United States and French governments to acquire the Louisiana Territory (Anderson). Using a treaty to acquire the land ensured that the constitution was followed and at the same time prevented the Congress from having to amend the constitution.

Lewis and Clark made quite detailed maps and wrote diaries that contained in-depth information about the tribes they met during their expedition. These documents revealed that the purpose of the voyage was to explore and map the rest of the North American continent. Additionally, they intended to interact with the Native Americans and inform them about being a part of the United States. The president commissioned Lewis and Clark’s excursion to gather knowledge regarding the lands and peoples found on the western side of the North American continent. They accomplished their objective through the mapping of the area. They also wrote detailed diaries regarding the various Indian civilizations that they came across during the mission.

The mission given to Lewis and Clark to find out about the lands to the west of North America resulted in the Union becoming significantly larger as a result of the addition of Louisiana Territory from the French. Further, the Native Americans in the land and geographical features were documented for future reference. The undertaking of the Corps of Discovery was very ambitious and definitely a success.




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