Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Gun control and more restrictions on assault style guns

Over the past few years, tragedy of mass shootings and killing has struck the US multiple times. Millions of people have been killed as a result of poor utilization of assault style guns. US has been ranked as the country with the highest number of gun shootings globally as well as gun ownership. The gun ownership in US seems to be over double the amount in other countries. Gun control refers to the government regulations that restrict the manufacture, sale, transfer, modification, acquisition possession or use of firearms by citizens, e.g., pistols and assault rifles.  Assault weapons refers to a selective, semi-automatic rifle that are short and combat that uses detachable magazine and intermediate cartridge. They are used for mass shootings.

Majority of the deaths that occur are children although, the victims are a range of ages. Written in the US constitution, second amendment, it is stated that “A well-regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a Free State, the right of the civilians to keep and own Arms, shall not be infringed.”. As a result of this amendment, some US civilians tend to believe that the acquisition of fire arms is part of their basic rights hence should not be restricted when it comes to bearing guns. While this is true, the US government does not want to ban guns, but make restrictions and make it harder for people to obtain guns. The US government should put stricter gun control measures, implement laws and restrictions on certain weapons and ban –assault style weapons in order to protect their citizens from unnecessary mass shootings.

Relevant laws and proper background checks should be conducted to persons before purchasing any firearms. Under the federal law, licensed firearm dealers are required to run an extensive background checks to all gun buyers before making the sales. About one in five gun transaction in US occur without a background check. A federal universal background check law, would need all the firearm purchases to pass via criminal record check by either the Federal National Instant Criminal Background Check Systems (NICS) or by state background check systems, administered by FBI.  This checks can help in identifying a bigger number of persons who would be barred from buying a gun by increasing the number of transactions that need a background check.

Strict gun laws and universal background checks (UBC), can greatly help in reduce gun related violence. They can reduce the violence by identifying more prohibited buyers and prevent gun violence that can result from criminals who are able to acquire the weapons. The UBC can helped reduce the rate of firearm homicides. The background checks should be accompanied by a license permit to purchase if one is found fit to have a gun. By implementation of UBC, there are high chances of curbing illegal firearm acquisition thereby minimizing the rate of mass shootings and homicides.

Laws to Ban the use of assault style weapons, firearms used to conduct the highest and worst number of mass shootings in the modern US should be implemented. Assault weapons contribute to a daily toll of gun crimes in the US. Shooters equipped with assault weapons have wreaked chaos in the nation’s public environments, from movie theaters, schools, festivals, churches and city streets. These weapons are designed for military purposes and can conduct a human kill more efficiently and quickly. They conduct mass shootings as they can fire higher number of bullets before requiring to be reloaded. They are weapons of war that should never have a place in a civilian society. The congress should enact a federal ban of assault weapons and high- capacity magazine in order to safeguard civilians and keep these perilous weapons out of the US communities.

Moreover, the use of assault weapon made with high –capacity magazine increases the chances of higher deaths and injury in a particular shoot. Mass shooting conducted between Jan 2009 to July 2015 revealed that when assault weapons are used, 155 percent more civilians were shot and 47 percent more people were killed, (Jason and Joel,77). Wounds caused by assault style weapons especially when paired with large capacity magazines are more severe and can harm more people quickly when compared to other weapons. For this reason, People conducting horrific/deadly public attacks opt to use assault weapons. Government’s intervention on the ban of assault weapons can greatly reduce mass shootings and deaths in a big way and can help protect the residents from these lethal weapons.

Criminal offenders use assault weapons because they are readily available without much struggle. If the government could put some restrictive measures, few assailants would have an access to assault weapons and could thereby opt to use gun which fire less rounds per minute. In a mass shooting event, this would greatly reduce the number of civilians an assailant could manage to kill in a short period. Assault weapons have no legal use. They are not made for hunting but for to inflict damage to humans. They are military grade weapons and can be dangerous to humans in not banned. They hold no purpose to people’s day to day lives.

Possession of firearms in the United States has resulted into more harm and killings than protecting people. Hardy a day in the US passes without someone falling victim of gun violence. Many cases have been reported as a result of unlawful killings. Between 2004 and 2013, the centers of Disease control and prevention recorded more than half a million cases as gun related deaths, (Alan et al 627). Majority of the deaths by gun in the US affects the blacks and Hispanics men and women as compared to whites. Gun regulations can greatly boost into curbing mass shootings and gun related deaths in a great way.

Men with access to firearms are more prone to committing suicide than women. On the other hand, women face higher chances of falling victims of homicide than men. According to (Duggan and Brian, 90), 35.5 percent of homicides among female victims are as a result of being murdered by their husbands/ lovers over relationship offenses. In contrast, men murder victims over relationship offences by their wives/girlfriends were 3.5%. Therefore, the US government, a state with inadequate enforcement of law to curb gun violence, suicides and homicides, should enact strict gun control rules and restrictions in order to protect its citizens from unlawful deaths.

Gun violence has resulted to negative economic impacts in the US. The medical cost expenses over gun injuries in the US has an average cost estimation of over 17dollars per person, (Duggan and Brian, 81). 2005, violent crimes greatly affected housing values especially for low income earners. In the communities where gun violence is rampant, the rate of new retail and business services are significantly reduced. Gun violence also results into less jobs for people residing in crime areas and makes it hard for resident to do their shopping, for instance, in Texas, (Brooks and Kathryn, 70). Thus, if local businesses are few, the local housing values appreciate more slowly than areas without gun crimes, resulting to a negative impact on the economy. Gun control measures would thereby result in to a healthy economic neighborhood and reduce costs incurred over firearm assault injuries.


The government should enhance gun control measure in order to reduce the number of mass shootings, homicides and suicide that occur in the country. Proper background checks should be conducted before selling weapons to any purchaser. Guns tend to bring more harm to civilians than they offer protection. It is thereby the government’s sole responsibility to put strict measures on certain weapons that endanger the lives of their citizens. Weapons like Assault style weapons should be completely banned as they are the main cause of mass shootings. Attackers plan to hold deadly attacks by use of the assault weapons since they can kill a huge mass of people in a short attack time than when using normal guns. The government should put in place all the relevant measures possible to ensure that these deadly weapons are completely banned for use. The more they are at use, the more the killings will continue to happen, and the more the economy will be drained.





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