Sample Criminal Justice Paper on Prison Psychologist

Prison Psychologist

As a Prison Psychologist, it is my responsibility to ensure that can solve problems for those individuals convicted of different crimes. I achieve this through interactions with offenders and their families to establish why they get involved in serious offenses. This is ideal for instigating a correctional plan geared at mending their behaviors. We are all aware that despite their involvement in criminal acts, the offenders have their rights which should be respected even when we look to serve justice.

Evidently, drug offenders are likely to face senseless laws. Despite the fact that many drug offenders are non-violent, they will be faced with severe judgment like life incarceration. The judges pass judgments that do not favor the victims. At the same time, the drug offenders are not given enough time to express themselves through their defense lawyers. Therefore, this is not fair since they do have their rights and should be given equal hearings in our judicial systems.

Another harmful thing that is likely to happen to drug offenders is that they are not allowed to see their family, relatives, and friends. This affects the entire community since they cannot be able to deliberate on the future of their families which depended on them. It denies them the love and bond which is necessary more especially for those whose kids are still young. Also, it is evident that despite the magnitude of the offense, these individuals face a lengthy incarceration in comparison to other serious crimes.

Therefore, it is my responsibility as a psychologist, to share and listen the problems drug offenders face while in prisons. This is great to stop marginalization in prisons which may lead to psychological problems. It also helps to create an awareness that all offenders deserve equal treatment by our laws.