Sample Criminology Paper on Three major theories of crime causation

Strain theory-it entails people engage in crime to escape the bad life situation they are experiencing.

Social learning theory-a person engages in crime through association with others/through observation.

Social disorganization theory-crime is likely occurs in communities of high crime rates.

How the theories explain criminal behavior

Strain theory explains criminal behavior in that when a person comes from a poor environment they may engage in crime in order to escape their financial situation.

According to the social learning theory a person engages in crime as they have observed its benefits. For instance stealing to get rich by seeing others getting rich too.

Social disorganization theory-a person is likely to conform to criminal behavior due to the way the community is disorganized.

Code of streets from Elijah Anderson

This entails the normal public behavior that is encoded in a community and whenever these codes are not well encoded into individual community members they tend to switch to the behaviors they find on the streets.

For instance parents who don’t teach values to their children, may lead to a teenager becoming pregnant as they don’t know the implications of engaging in sex.

Main components of Cohen’s theory of delinquent subcultures

This theory seeks to explain why so much delinquency takes place in groups, amongst lower working class young males and why delinquency appears to be violent, malicious and non-beneficial.

Four emerging forms of critical criminology

News-making and public criminology-print and mass media are used as forms of explaining criminal behavior.

Cultural criminology-people who are not socially conventional commit crimes of style.

Convict criminology-prison convicts have different views on criminal correctional reforms.

Critical race criminology-this is discriminatory treatment towards people of color in all aspects of crime.