Sample Critical Thinking Essay on Non-traditional-age college student

 Non-traditional-age college student

The fall of economy had an impact on my academic life. For instance, I had to resume my studies as a non-traditional -age student. I decided to pursue higher education because I wanted to solve the financial constrains that my family was incurring. To fulfill the urge of improving my education, I enrolled for classes to study an undergraduate course that was on part time basis.

The experiences I learnt while I was outside school were being responsible for me and others. All I required was advancing my studies to land a better paying job that could grant me security in future. At this stage, my obligations were to graduate with a degree and get a job. This was essential because it could cater for the needs of my partner and son. Despite the fact that time factor was limited, I had to sacrifice to fulfill all my wishes. Since I had a tight schedule, I had to plan well to ensure that I attended the classes on time.

The key problems of being a non traditional age student are that I had to put up with the gap of age. Additionally, I had to cater for needs of the family, manage time properly and deal with all financial aspects. This became apparent when I had to cater for bills and also pay my tuition fee. Clearly, I had to use some money from my savings to handle my cost of operation until when I finished studies.

Furthermore, I find it a problem to be on the similar level with other students. This is because they were way too young and their opinion was different from mine. Embarking on school activities made me miss my family. I had to strain and work smart to balance operations both at home and school.


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