Sample Critical Thinking Paper on Critical thinking and the arch of civilization

Critical thinking and the arch of civilization
The impact of advancing Science and Critical Thinking on our larger culture is not often
reflected upon but there is substantial evidence that as logic and reason are refined and
promoted widely in a culture human rights, equity, and social justice grow as well.
Check out this animated discussion on the topic:
Steven Pinker and Rebecca Goldstein: The long reach of reason TED Talk
Part 1. Deconstruct Rebecca Goldstein’s argument ( list the premises, evidence to
support / refute them and her conclusion) and state whether you agree or disagree with
her conclusion and why.
Part 2. Consider the political climate in the United States right now and think about the
interaction between science and various media sources that might be influencing trends
in politics. Write and argument or statement connecting science/critical thinking, various
media sources, and politics.
Part 3. How do you think we should proceed as a society to maintain civil liberties and
continue benefiting from science and reason so that 100 years from now the trend
suggested by Goldstein and Pinker would hold true.