Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Anime and Manga

Anime and manga have been used over time in Japan, and they convey stories full of wit and with dynamic characters that appeal to both children and adults. The two originated from Japan, though it has been argued that they were influenced by works from both Europe and China. They have similar visual styles, but different genres upon keen scrutiny.

Anime has some distinct and similar characteristics as manga. Anime denotes a film or television animated work. It is made child-friendly by use of bright colors and attractive patterns to the eye as well as fantasy and fictional themes (Writing Explained). On the other hand, manga is a collection of published works and appears mostly in forms of drawings and painted works. It is also has bright colors and attractive drawings (writing explained). The difference between the two is that anime is broadcasted while manga is printed.

Momotaro Umi no Shinpeiis a 1945 Japanese animated propaganda piece created during the Second World War. Therefore, it is an example of anime. It was intended to show the Japanese public how the army had achieved decisive victories in south pacific (JapanGuide). Much as it seems to be relatable with children, the mischief behind it is greater than meets the eye since it was a piece released during the war to spread propaganda.

Hokusai manga can be characterized as a work of manga. It is a collection of fifteen volumes of drawings by a Japanese artist and printmaker Katsushika Hokusai, with the first volume made in 1814. His intention was not for publication but for local use by his students. It contains works that relate to the natural world such as, landscape, plants and animals as well as some touch of the imaginary supernatural.

Tetsuwan Atom (Astro Boy) can be classified as Manga since it is a published work. Choju Giga is a collection of satirical drawings, credited as being the oldest works of Manga in Japan and believed to be the origin of many Japanese animated movies. The Sazae-san is a manga series written in Japan by Machiko Hasegawa. It was published locally and dealt with contemporary issues in would later mutate into history’s longest running animated television series making it an anime. Anime and manga are different based on how they are presented. While the former appears in film and television, the latter is published in comic books and graphics.


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