Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Asian Americans bridging the gap with other ethnic communities

1) Are Asian Americans bridging the gap with other ethnic communities/identities?
2) Do you feel that Asian Americans have broken out of their stereotypes?
-Can they remove themselves from the Model Minority and other contemporary and historical stereotypes?
-Think about what you may have or do, and call or classify them in certain moments or times.
-Can they end the hypersexualization and fetishization of their people?
-Look at society and yourself deeply and think this carefully as there is an obsession with Anime, Manga, Lolita, and Martial arts.
3) Why were we not taught the Asian American community’s activism, and will the Asian American community maintain their activism this time?
4) Who is Asian American vs. who the United States says are Asian American?
5) Who is missing from the Asian American narrative, and why are they not included or spoken of?
6) Will those missing ever be welcomed or accepted as Asian Americans?
7) Can the image and idea of the Asian American change to a narrative that is collective, inclusive, and respective of their experience in totality?
-If so, how and what would it take?
-If not, then what lies ahead?
8) What can help the Asian American community heal and open themselves to healing?
9) Will Pacific Islanders or Oceanians get the respect and acknowledgment they desire and deserve?

-You must write in the 1st person, not the 3rd person.
-Please provide a critical analysis with your combined answers.