Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Child Maltreatment

Helping the helpless in the society is a responsible that each human should undertake. Every human being possesses emotions and feelings that makes it possible for them to act compassionately towards each other. The two videos highlight the suffering of children in the hands of humans; most of whom should be protecting and loving them. Children who go through child abuse end up becoming bitter and angry at life and other people as they cannot understand why they have to suffer in the hands of such people.

The best way to handle a child that has undergone child abuse is to provide them with immense love, shelter, clothing, and a family that cares for them. It is quite unfortunate that systems that have been put in place to care for children in terms of homes and foster care have not proven to be 100% functional as portrayed in the videos (Cline, 2008; Couch, 2014). Subsequently, to show love to these children, there’s need to have stability where a child can stay with one family that is devoted to loving and taking care of them.

Church is one of the pillars of the society where people are meant to get help and comfort. It is for this reason that churches have a huge responsibility in ensuring that children feel loved and protected. In performing this role, the church has the mandate to create and implement child protection policies to protect and deal with child abuse issues in church, train adults on how to treat children, talk to children about boundaries in their relations with adults, and encourage reporting of any sort of allegations related to child abuse. My role is to ensure that children who live around me are safe from child abuse. I do so by being keen on the occurrences around me and taking note of instances that require my attention; rather than turn a blind eye.



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