Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Cross-Cultural Management

Cross-Cultural Management



  • It will also identify the different steps that the Coca-Cola company has implemented specific aspects of cross cultural management and the effects it has on the overall performance of the institution
  •  It will define diversity training of employees as aspect of cross cultural diversity.
  •  Identify the steps set by the Coca-Cola Company to ensure successful implementation of diversity training.
  •  Explain some of the advantages of diversity training listed by the company including aspiration, enabling innovativeness, behavior shift and development of proper culture.

Diversity theories

  • Diversity theories are approaches that explain the importance of having people from different backgrounds in the firm and how best they can help the organization achieve its goals. The theories to be discussed in this section will include institutional theory of diversity, management, resource based theory of diversity management and the mainstream approach.
  • The section will also discuss how the Coca-Cola Company can apply the concepts of each of these theories in developing an effective diversity teaching program in all its subsidiaries around the globe.

Future Considerations

 The section will investigate any future strategies developed by the Coca-Cola Company to help in improving diversity training for employees. This would be accomplished through analyzing the organizations activities over the last few years.

It will also consider other cross cultural management elements including cultural training of its expatriate employees and global leadership programs that the institution want to implement over the next decade.