Sample Cultural Studies Paper on Date Future of Global Media

The future of global media is something that anyone that is paying a keen attention to the things happening in the current world is concerned about. However, I am very optimistic that the future is bright. This is because the things that are yet to come are better than the things that are currently present with regard to global media. Over the last few years, the world has seen the popularization of the internet and smartphones; this is something that has created a major impact in the media industry. People do not have to have access to physical papers since they can access the soft copy on their smartphones. Although it led to a great reduction in the revenue companies collected from the sale of papers, it has been absolute convenient for the consumer. The level of accessibility and efficiency with which people receive papers will continue to increase in the future. As the mobile revolution continues the media gets to access more people in the world. Mobile phones and other devices will continue to allow people to access content such as news even in places where the physical content cannot be accessed. The other issue that will make the future of the media industry to be brighter is the validation and verification of news. Very many people receive fake news all over the world and they have no way of knowing the truth. This is fueled by the use of mobile devices and social media to spread the news. However, the stakeholders in the media industry all over the world are working tirelessly to establish mechanisms that will block people from spreading fake news. This may involve the introduction of laws that will see such people charged. This means that in future any news people receive will be legit.