Sample Cultural Studies Paper on The power of story

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CQ Journal: The Power of Story Assignment Instructions


Throughout the course, you will submit 4 journal entries which will guide you to reflect on your cultural intelligence (CQ) scores, set measurable goals and action steps for improving your CQ, and participate in activities and experiences which will help to practice effective intercultural communication. With CQ, there is always more to learn and room to grow, and this course is an opportunity to practice exercising each of the CQ capabilities. You can use your journal entries to track your progress through the journey of this course, but hopefully you will feel inspired to continue to develop your CQ beyond this course.



Your journal entry should meet the following requirements.

  • Length: 400-800 words
  • Your journal entry should be written in paragraph form with proper grammar and spelling. Thoughts should be well-organized and cohesive.
  • Your journal entry should be submitted on the template provided.


For this first journal, we will discuss our framework for intercultural communication: God’s story, our personal story, and the global story. Your journal should include an answer to each of the bolded sections/headings of this prompt. The bullet points under each heading are suggestions for topics to consider.

Share a bit of your personal story: 

  • Where is your family from? Where did you grow up? Where do you live now?

Hints: My family is from Ghana located in Western part of Africa

I grew up in Accra, Ghana

I’m here in the United States with my family.


  • Describe your home culture: (Religion, Ethnicity, Language, Family, History, Etc.)

Hints: Religion: Christian

Ethnicity: Ga

Language: Ga language, Ghana

Family: Both parents are from Ghana and from the Ga tribe, speak the same language

History: Ga-History and The Ga People of Ghana – Ga History Oral history traces our ancestry from the old – Studocu


  • Describe any significant experiences that have shaped you or given you perspective.


How have you seen your story intersect with God’s story? 

  • Share a bit of your faith journey (beliefs, understanding of God, salvation experience, significant spiritual markers, etc.).
  • What would you want someone from another culture to know about your faith?
  • Why is it important to understand the whole story of God (the Grand Narrative)?


How have you interacted with or engaged in the global story? 

  • What kinds of cross-cultural experiences have you had?
  • How would you describe your level of comfort, knowledge, or understanding when interacting with people from different cultural backgrounds than your own?
  • What are some challenges you have experienced when interacting across cultural boundaries?


Why is it important to understand God’s story, your own story, and the global story to effectively cross cultures with the gospel?

Note: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the Turnitin plagiarism tool.