Sample Discussion Paper on Nutritional Content of Processed Foods

Sample Discussion Paper on Nutritional Content of Processed Foods

Most of the people consume processed foods without knowing the nutritional content. This is because some of these have packages that show minimal nutritive and health content. I advocate that the manufacturers include proper labeling of the food. Such a policy can also compel institutions and restaurants to list calorie level in every food against the nation’s daily requirements. The policy can also include making known the organizations, which are encouraging and working on food labeling (Wiens 1). In future, the government can deny restaurants permits, which fail to include all the ingredients and nutritive content on items sold.

There is also need to have increased access to the physical fitness spaces. The society can also fight for more free exercise gyms at their workplace and in the schools in ensuring that all categories of people are included in the exercise program. Instead of widening the seats on public vehicles, the government should ensure that the public could easily access healthy foods and daily exercise programs. In addition to this, when innovating cities and towns, the government can include wide spaces for footpaths and for cycling.

The government can also invest in educating the public on the need to shift the social norms. This education should include proper public health campaigns to children and adolescents as well. Since it is common knowledge the kinds of foods consumed by given groups of people, the government can highlight associated dangers of consuming certain types of food. Such campaign can be included in every promotional message of an item to embrace the consequences of over-consuming the foods. Adolescents and children can be educated on the need to take part in active physical exercises (Wiens 1).


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