Sample Discussion Post analysis of Health Coverage Gap

Response to Uninsured Population by Els Sull

I agree with Sull that high rates of insurance cover are the reason most people are uninsured. Indeed, some people are considered to make too much money to qualify for the subsidies in Affordable Care Act yet they cannot afford insurance covers and end up in the gap coverage (Garfield, Orgera and Damico, 2020). I support Sull in criticizing the Supreme Court ruling against the compulsory expansion of Medicare in Affordable Care Act, it is a necessity and all States need it.

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  Week 3 post on insurance coverage gap

I agree with the author that even after most States have adopted the Affordable Care Act, health care is still inaccessible to many adults. Lower income people reject work insurance covers to avoid the high deductions thus they hardly access the care they require. Additionally, most middle income people are featured as gap coverage since they are unable to pay for insurance covers yet they do not qualify for Medicare (Tolbert, Orgera, Singer, Damico, 2018). I second the author that high cost of living and expensive medical covers is the cause of gap coverage. Indeed, it is sad that Immigrants who are yet to fulfil the 5 years period to qualify as American citizens do not get insurance covers, a medical cover should be introduced for them.


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