Sample Discussion Post Questions on The Poor in the US

Sample Discussion Post Questions on The Poor in the US

Question 1

The poor in the united states are the persons that lack the minimum basic needs to maintain a comfortable life. The persons in such a situation are referred to as living in absolute poverty. Relative poverty refers to the Americans that lack what is needed by most people to have a decent life. Around twenty percent of Americans are classified as poor. These poor people are often a burden to the government and the rest of the population, as they are dependent on welfare funded by the taxpayers.

Question 2

The relationship between work and poverty is inverse. Lack of an occupation that is rewarding a person in monetary terms results in poverty. On the other hand, poverty can be avoided if jobs are available for the poor people. If the nation is in a recession, or the people are disabled and cannot work, it results in higher levels of unemployment. This has the effect of making a larger portion of the population fall into poverty. Any drawback or limitation in terms of opportunities makes the affected persons not employable in the future condemning them to poverty.

Question 3

The inequality in the distribution of income in the united states is not surprising. One of the reasons for this is the unfair exchange rates of the American currency and the foreign currencies, which makes foreign labor much cheaper than American labor. This has forced corporations to outsource their labor to the foreign countries to save on costs and at the same time has driven the minimum wage downwards in the local job market. At the same time, the executives of these corporations continue to receive hefty wages and bonuses, which further widens the wage gap. This inequality has the effect of raising the proportion of people in relative poverty.