Sample Documentary Response on “The Hunting Ground”

The Hunting Ground Response

The documentary, “The Hunting Ground” provides a portrayal of how sexual violence is rampant among American university students. As per the film, though most of the activities that are portrayed are illegal, they are prevalent in American university to the extend that they are offensive in a manner likely to suggest that they are over possessive. In the film, young girls portray symptoms of post traumatic disorders that are coupled up with other acts such as nightmares, panic and even planning to commit suicide. As a measure to create awareness and agitate for their safety the girls decide to seek help from the administrator who provides an astonishing response that further increases their worries as the administrator likens rape to a football game.

Some notable form of bias also exists in the university’s context such as gender differentiations as well as psychological effects since rape is regarded as an illegal activity as per international bodies meaning that the response the administrator provides is ill intended as it promotes the negative societal norms. As per the statistics the film provides other activities as far as university education were taken with great caution while the aspect of rape was never handled with caution.

From a different perspective the film is regarded as a way with which universities aim at receiving responses in their efforts to advocate for change and restore their credibility. They also aim to use the same avenue to ensure that future occurrences are avoided by providing proper evidence with regard to sexual violence. The level of seriousness employed in the documentary with regard to sexual violence presents the high magnitude placed upon it thus the need to take with more seriousness.