Sample Economics Paper on Biological Approach

Biological Approach

Temperament Approach

The approach states that children have certain tempers at birth. These temperaments are innate and everyone has them at conception. This approach further indicates that at birth up to adolescence the temperaments are stable. They are then affected by a person’s environmental interactions (Ewen, 2014). The tempers are usually inherited from parent’s genes. These temperaments become self-regulated or reactive to the immediate environment. If a person reacts to immediate environment with low or high self-esteem it shows how the temperaments affect their behaviors. Its upon the person to regulate or continue a vigorous reaction in response a given stimuli.

Biological Approach.

In this approach, it states that personality features are arranged in a person from the most superior to the list traits. Nonetheless, the minor traits contribute to the major features that make the superficial characters in a person. These traits like the temperament approach are genetically inherited. However, the traits in the biological approach are controlled by the psychological judgments and no environment (“Sparknotes:   Biological Approaches.”). That is, a person behavior is as a result of human reasoning rather than environmental interactions as suggested in the temperament approach. For example, introverts shy since they usually reason with their thoughts.

Personality Approach

Unlike the other two approaches, the personality approach focuses on differences traits between different individuals (“Sparknotes:   Biological Approaches). After such a comparison a person then combines and interact his or her traits to the various ones learnt. Additionally, in this approach the traits are not genetically inherited but rather caused by attitude and preference. Therefore, one is likely to adopt other different characters while growing, modify them and make a personality out of them. In conclusion, the temperament approach has more of an influence on developing criminal characteristics. This because the nurturing and nature aspects are as a result of the environmental interactions. The psychological aspects of the brain will also be affected with what one believes.




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