Sample Economics Paper on custom of the company: Rad Rides

My homework is to find the custom of the company. The company named Rad Rides, and it is a car resell company. You need to find the customer of the company and explain the reason. Also, you need to find two ways to let our company be more attractive than Carmax for those customers.( No more than 150 words).


Our company:

Rad Rides:

Custom modified used cars. We install the upgrades and warranty them with nationwide shipping and distribution. Let your car stand out in a sea of grey and beige boring autos!


Competition: (sales) CarMax and carvanna. Labor (priced below dealership).


Value add service offered at any of our locations. (Young people move around a lot- a reliable service center they can trust is key) + Buy online and pickup the car with your desired upgrades atthe nearest location.


We recognize that younger people are not interested in cars, we want to change that. We want them to stand out in the sea of uninspiring vehicles. While other manufacturers move to a model of renting and leasing we want our clients to have pride of ownership.


We have a nationwide network of trained mechanics and technicians that will help customers pick out aftermarket components and install them on their vehicle for pickup. Wheels, exhausts, tints, stereos, even performance upgrades like turbos and engine tunes.All warrantied by us and financed in house if needed.


Industry: automotive repair/ car sales. Competition: shady local mechanics and dealerships.