Sample Education Essay on Causes of obesity

Causes of obesity

Obesity refers to a heath state that occurs when an individual accumulates plenty of fats in the body. At some point, it contributes to serious health effects leading to medical issues and reduction in life expectancy. People with the obese condition have Index (BMI) that exceeds 30 kg/M2.

This state can subject an individual to a variety of illness that incorporate cancer or diabetes.  It incorporates consumption of more energy, genetic weakness and absence of exercise. According to research, people may still take small amount of meals but still increase their weight. This happens because of slow rate of metabolism in the body. Averagely, majority of obese people consume plenty of meals to get energy to sustain their huge bodies (Rashad 282-283).  This also explains why fast food is linked to obesity.

Evidently, individuals who incorporate fast foods in their consumption increase their levels of fats and sugar. Contrary to other balanced diets, junk meals do not incorporate the nutrients they offer. It is believed that fast meals can contribute to obesity when people make a habit of consuming them. In addition, in this current society parents are very busy with their work. As a result, they end up in restaurants to purchase meals for their children hence contribute to obesity situation. Analyzing on this matter, it is clear that these food joints cannot be blamed because they also offer alternatives diets.

To evade the outcome of obesity, individuals need to consume meals that are healthy. Currently, obesity is a medical issue that affects the youth. If this trend fails to stop, this implies that almost 20 percent of the adolescents will be obese in 2020.  This calls for individuals to embrace a diet that is well balanced to avoid such sickness.


Work cited

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