Sample Education Essays on Building STEM Skills


Learning in the 21st century is taking a different turn compared to previous students’ learning experiences. Teachers are placing more emphasis on innovation and problem-solving skills which are significant skills in both the real-life experiences and at the market place. This video showcases the practice of STEM in a kindergarten set up.

Lessons learned from the video

The video is a short documentary about building STEM skills in children. STEM is an acronym for the word Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics. According to the video, these four disciplines are inter-related and are currently being used to cultivate skills such as problem solving and creativity in children. These skills are important in the 21st century which has been dominated by many technological innovations. Much as the children may not be able to understand in details what these four disciplines are all about, exposure to them at an early stage makes future learning much easier.

I was surprised by how talented the young children are and how they are able to figure out what needs to be done to steady an almost falling block. I believe that every human being has in-built intelligence that they can utilize in problem-solving scenarios. This belief is supported by in this video by the fact that the pre-school children are already capable of solving the problem of lack of balance when they are building blocks.


I would apply what I have learned in the video to a student setting by encouraging the students to interact freely with their learning environment and not tire from their questions which help them to understand it. As the students grow up, I will encourage them to pursue subjects that reflect their passion and creativity.


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