Sample Education Essays on Children Development

Children are the most precious asset in every society. Their progress in development is monitored right from birth to detect any delays in order to offer the necessary assistance. There are several ways in which this development is scrutinized. These include the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and the Individualized Education Program (IEP).

IFSP is the basic plan which is meant for young children with developmental delays and needs special services. It normally applies to children from birth until the age of three years. After three years the IEP plan is put in place. IFSP mainly focuses on the child as a family member and the services that the family has to offer to him to enhance his development. IEP, on the other hand, is fully focused on the educational perspective of the child with developmental delays. IFSP plan team includes the parents and other family members, an advocate out of the family on request, a service coordinator, and professionals who are to assess the progress. The aim of IFSP is to ensure that the child having development delays is natured to reach the full potential while still in a family setup (Ridgley, et. al 2018).

The most important goals in early childhood special education are to create and maintain an environment that is conducive for the children with special needs to thrive. Another goal is to have certified teachers who are capable of connecting emotionally with the learners at personal level to aid in bringing out the best from them. Among the skills aimed to be inculcated is walking, talking, and playing.

Whenever a development delay is suspected in a child, there several domains of development that are tested. The major ones include; motor which is more on physical development and movement, language and communication, self-help, cognitive and making solutions, and social skills (Heward, et. al 2017). A child who shows inadequacy in any of these domains has to be offered special attention to enhance development.




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