Sample Education Essays on “Creating a Classroom Management Plan”

Classroom management plans are created by teachers to assist in the planning and implementation of a positive classroom environment that is efficient, proactively addresses issues that may arise, and provides systematic support for the teacher and students to remain engaged, on task, and productive. Consideration of the unique needs of students should guide the development of a classroom management plan. By understanding student needs, the teacher is better able to identify the types of accommodations and modifications to routinely include in the plan.

Use the “Creating a Classroom Management Plan” template to complete this assignment.

Using the grade level for which you would like to teach, create a 750-1,000 word classroom management plan for students in your special education resource classroom described in the “Class Profile.”

Include the following in your classroom management plan:

Classroom Management Plan Statement of Purpose.
Rules: Description of 3-5 rules, positive reinforcements aligned to each rule, and consequences for not following each rule.
Procedures/Routines: Provide 3-5 classroom procedures and routines.
Classroom environmental considerations.
Implementation Plan: Include information about how you plan to introduce your plan and teach students and paraeducators the rules and procedures.
Documentation Plan: Include information about how you will document student behavior and the effectiveness of the classroom management plan.
Confidentiality and Ethical/Legal Considerations Plan: Describe your plan to handle confidential documents, protect student rights, and protect the confidential information of individuals with disabilities in your classroom.
Crisis Management Plan: Describe steps to de-escalate behavior and how you will handle the safety of students and staff.
Substitute Teacher Plans: Describe information you would leave for a substitute teacher coming into your classroom.
In addition, rationalize your classroom management plan decisions in 250-500 words, explaining how the plan will meet the needs of the students identified in the “Class Profile.” Support your choices with references to the “Special Education Professional Ethical Principles.”

Support your findings with a minimum of two scholarly resources no more than 5 years old.