Sample Education Essays on critically reviewing a portfolio of unit plans

Assessment 2


Assessment Type: Curriculum plan and self-evaluation
Weighting: 60%
Conditions of Assessment: Individual, limited supervision
Duration: Week 9-15
Due Date: Week 15



Task Description

Students will develop and explain how they will critically review a portfolio of unit plans (medium to long term) and associated resources

  • Apply the principles of curriculum progression to develop a unit plan on a science topic (or theme) of your choice
  • Develop exemplar teaching and learning resources for the unit plan that demonstrate an aspect of progression
  • Explain how to critically evaluate their own professional knowledge and skills in curriculum development through the analysis of the effectiveness of their plan at the unit, lesson and activity level


Criteria and Marking

The portfolio is assessed using a rubric on the following criteria:

  • Quality of unit plan in terms of curriculum knowledge, and conceptual and skill progression
  • Quality of described activities in terms of evidence informed good practice
  • Depth of understanding of critical evaluation of the elements of the plan