Sample Education Essays on Curriculum Reforms

The curriculum was reformed because it had become outdated thus its success had declined. I believe that curriculum reforms are necessary because the current curriculum has become redundant and outdated. A well-designed reform strategy must increase educational opportunities for all children (Floden, 1995). As such, I believe that by reviewing the curriculum, most learning institutions will improve their teaching and learning standards and base them on experiences that will better prepare students for their careers.

A democratic imperative can influence a school to tolerate cultural differences and diversity. Moreover, it promotes the value of free thought. A democratic imperative can improve a school’s ability to become a more effective learning organization. It can improve the effectiveness a school because students can enable students to relate to diverse cultures whilst also learning from them.

Part 2

Disruptive and Sustaining Innovations and Their Influence on Systemic Reform

Technology is a form of disruptive innovation because it can create a learning environment that is simple and flexible enough for students to engage in thereby enhancing the learning experiences of students. on the other hand, enrolling teachers in professional development programs such as subject training will better prepare them to teach and influence students.

The Effectiveness of the Attempts to Reform Certain Aspects of the  selected critical social system.

Technology has been effective in improving the curriculum thus the learning experiences of students and teachers alike. Moreover, enrolling teachers in professional development programs has been effective as teachers have been able to increase their knowledge whilst refining their teaching skills. Also, the professional development programs and coaching for teachers has been effective in helping them to make better use of the curriculum.

Analysis of the critical social system.

Schools that are following the democratic imperative to teach ther students have been found to be highly motivated to improve academic results of their students. Additionally, the democratic imperative has influenced several school to embrace diverse cultures and diversity.


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