Sample Education Essays on Engaging Diverse Families

Question One

Over the last decade, the significance of parent involvement in improving student performance is has been documented. For instance, it is believed that it promotes community support, reduces dropout rates, and increases positive students’ outcomes. A unique feature in schools is the diverse population of children and parents with a different culture, norms, and values.

There is a need to adopt strategies that increases community engagement and fosters partnership with the school.  First, school leadership should understand the culture and attitudinal barriers to parents’ participation in learning institutions. From such an approach, the school can apply the experience learned from one particular group to establish trust between it and the community to select the best strategies for engagement. Secondly, the school should develop and promote cultural competency programs that can effectively navigate cultural barriers. Doing so would create a conducive environment for engaging the community and families by promoting cultural sensitivity, transparency, empathy, and non-judgmental attitude. Notably, the cultural competency should also be internal among the school staffs, for example, hiring diverse teams and integrating cultural competency in the school education system (Baker, 2016). Thirdly, the school can engage in home visits and outreach programs within the communities. For instance, outreaches may involve networking with churches and community organizations. Indeed, the school can reach the families within the community setup using the mentioned approach. Lastly, the school can utilize the existing programs in the community or establish plans targets the cultural needs of the communities.


Question Two

Several barriers hamper building a partnership with the parents and community in a culturally diverse setup. A critical obstacle is time constraints, especially for the parents. Such an obstacle significantly disrupts their work schedule and interferes with other events. Another challenge is transportation, which makes it difficult for parents and schools to engage successfully. The additional cost incurred when performing such programs, particularly community outreaches, is another barrier. Lastly, language barriers and the fear of background checks among the community volunteers remains a significant obstacle in networking with some communities programs and families (Baker, 2016).


Baker, T. L., Wise, J., Kelley, G., & Skiba, R. J. (2016). Identifying Barriers: Creating Solutions to Improve Family Engagement. School Community Journal, 26(2), 161-184.