Sample Education Essays on Health-Related Stress Behavior

Part 1: Behavior to Change

Sleep deprivation behavior is the primary source of stress that needs to be changed. The tendency to have inadequate sleep causes negative mood, low energy, difficulty concentrating in class, and the general inability to function properly (Menon, Karishma, and Mamatha 363). I intend to change my sleep patterns and behaviors because sleep deprivation may be harmful to my health and wellbeing. Moreover, persistent sleep deprivation increases the risk of developing chronic diseases like obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke, depression, and kidney problems (Menon, Karishma, and Mamatha 364). Presently, I engage in mindfulness meditation to alleviate stress caused by sleep deprivation. This is a technique that attempts to make an individual aware of his or her present moment. Mindfulness meditation aims to acknowledge broad arrays of thoughts and feelings occurring inside and outside the body without actually responding to them.

Sleep deprivation is a topic worth researching, as changing sleep patterns is vital in preventing insomnia. Insomnia or lack of sleep is responsible for the constant stress I experience at home and school. Insomnia is the main reason I stay awake most parts of the night, worrying a lot about personal and academic demands. Therefore, to improve my wellbeing, I need to change my sleep patterns to address the insomnia problem and consequently enjoy enough sleep. However, it is difficult to change my sleep patterns because the idea of implementing a new and inconsistent sleep schedule may cause irritability, drowsiness, headaches, and mood swings. The stumbling block to my desire to change my sleep patterns includes social obligations like washing, cooking, and looking after my young siblings. Furthermore, increased academic demands, such as submitting assignments or revising for upcoming exams, also inhibit the idea of changing my sleep patterns. The existing support for implementing new sleep patterns includes using a high-performance mattress and utilizing dark curtains in the bedroom window to reduce exposure to light.

Part 2: Log

Day of the week Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat
Current habits Bed time 30/8/2020

8:30 PM

31/8/2020 9:30 PM 1/9/2020 10:30 PM 2/9/2020

11:30 PM

3/9/2020 8:30 PM 4/9/2020 11:30 PM 5/9/2020

11:30 PM

Wake time 31/8/2020

8:30 AM


7:24 AM


6:44 AM


2:44 AM

4/9/2020 7:44 AM 5/9/2020

8:04 AM


4:44 AM

Frequency of waking up during sleep period and for how long 4


10 minutes



13 minutes



18 minutes



30 minutes

0 3


8 minutes



14 minutes

Thoughts and feelings about the behavior I desire to change my sleep pattern because sleep deprivation makes me feel sad, anxious, hopeless, and loss of interest in academic and personal life activities.



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