Sample Education Essays on Incorporating Technology within Elementary Classroom


Computer technology is becoming increasingly important when teaching in elementary classrooms. Educators have a responsibility to devise ways that technology can be used within a classroom framework. This paper discusses how elementary teachers use technology to improve classroom literacy.

Context Review

Teachers are critical to teaching students the needed reading skills to navigate technology’s ever-evolving world. Although the number of classroom computers has risen significantly over the last ten years, researchers still argue that technology integration is not easy to achieve (Rehmat & Bailey, 2014). Well-designed technologies are the basis of positive enhancement practices for individualized student attention and continuous assessment (Shin et al., 2012). Individual attention and frequent feedback are what elementary students need to help them learn, given the stage they are at in their cognitive growth.


Teachers and researchers believe that using new technology to involve students in education is the right approach because it inspires and encourages them to learn. Computer equipment provides a fun and comfortable learning environment for students (Uluyol & Sahin, 2016). Technology-enabled classrooms allow students to choose from a range of learning experiences. Various games, storytelling apps, and online resources are integrated into the elementary classroom to engage students effectively.


Teachers and students using technology were examined over a six-week period, whereby in-depth interviews were conducted to discuss teacher awareness of technology’s role in the classroom. Findings show that a majority of online technologies have been introduced in the classroom to help teachers, students, and parents connect.


Classroom technology is essential for students’ learning. Technology encourages students to learn and concentrate on education, as well as promotes valuable skills, such as reading and writing. Teachers adopt technology to enable their students to focus and have a positive and personalized learning experience in their classrooms.



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