Sample Education Essays on Panel Discussion on Content Creation

The panel discussion video is laden with ideas on improving the delivery of content by instructors and how students tend to perceive the approach used by the teachers. It is important for the teacher to take a student’s perspective and reflecting on how the instructions given affect the recipient. All the teachers involved in this discussion had a moment when it was revealed to them the approaches that the students are most receptive to. The main take-home of this discussion panel is active learning on the part of the students. It makes learning fun and makes the students feel valued by the instructors (Boctor 98). Learning accompanied by movements and a new environment improves the retention capacity of the students and enables them to perform better in their exams.

The challenge that I expect to face when teaching in the future is the disconnect that the students feel between the content that is taught in class and the external world. For example, the students might fail to understand the significance of history lessons as regards their future lives. They are also likely to wonder how they will ever apply algebra and calculus in their daily lives (Boctor 97). The approach that I intend to use is to present anecdotes to the students before teaching them every topic. The anecdote can be in the form of a verbal story, an article on the internet or a video. The purpose of the tales will be to explain how the concepts I am about to teach them were applied to solve a particular problem in the society. This approach will hopefully help them appreciate the content taught in class.



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