Sample Education Essays on reflection on Gateway performance and progress


Gateway 1 Reflection Template


Resident Name: A Date: 9/26/2022
Resident Advisor’s Name: Lisa Grade/Subject: kindergarten



Use the questions below to reflect on your Gateway performance and progress toward becoming a full-time teacher of record. Your reflection should include an honest assessment of strengths, areas of growth, and your development plans moving forward.



  1. Overall Score (Proficient or Not Yet Proficient):


  1. Evidence and Explanation: Provide qualitative evidence for your overall Gateway proficiency score.  (This can include your own reflection, feedback from students, families, colleagues, and your Resident Advisor, observations, video review, Deliberate Practice, etc.)  *Use the Rubric as a guide


3.      Readiness: At this time, do you believe you are on-track with the knowledge, skills, and mindsets required to become a full-time teacher of record next year? Provide evidence.



  1. Moving Forward:  Describe your action steps moving forward to continue to develop your strengths and address areas for growth.  Make sure they are measurable/concrete/observable.
  1. (Optional) Additional Reflections or Context:  Please add any other reflections or context below that might be helpful to understanding your progress and journey to date.