Sample Education Essays on Retirement Speech and Legacy

Having spent the last 30 years in my career as a teacher in the Science department, I believe my colleagues, friends, and former students would have a lot to say during my retirement party. My years of service have been full of dedication, hard work, mentorship, and care for my students. With my former students being invited to the retirement party, this paper highlights the key issues I expect them to say during the celebration.

First, I expect my students to praise me on my hard work and dedication during my career as a teacher. Over the years, I have always made it a life goal to offer the best to my students. I have ever attended my lessons on time, attended to my student’s questions and issues promptly, and provided the best guidance to them. I also expect the students to touch on my outstanding ability to motivate them to work hard and perform better, both in the academic and non-academic issues.

Secondly, I expect my students to touch on my ability to impart the right knowledge and skill-set over the years that I have interacted with them. To most of them, if not all, I have been open-minded, knowledgeable, generous, achiever, and modest tutor. Although the students may not have agreed with me on all aspects, mainly due to my tendency of giving them challenging assignments, I am sure this has always worked for the betterment of their skills and knowledge.

Lastly, I believe that the students will mention my efforts in instilling outstanding qualities, not only useful in school life, but also at the society. Skills that I have always stood for include integrity, kindness, tolerance, and patience. I believe that these students find meaning on all what they have learned from me. Similarly, I expect the students to have benefited highly by propelling them towards achieving greater heights in their endeavors.