Sample Education Essays on the different types of poems

This week’s resource (Carter, 2014), on poetry writing in the classroom, discusses the different types of poems and activities to help each student better understand each type of poem. It also discusses the importance of a poetry writing workshop using thinking time, talking time, brainstorming time, writing time, and sharing time. The creation of these workshops is explained further in the introduction as well as on pages 58-70. Your paper must:

evaluate the learning benefits of poetry activities for student success in poetry writing.
create a poetry writing workshop, for use in the classroom, to help guide students with poetry writing that includes a draft plan for further extending poetry writing activities in the classroom.
thinking time
talking time
brainstorming time
writing time
sharing time
Submit a paper that is 3-4 pages in length exclusive of the reference page, double-spaced, using 12-point Times New Roman font. The paper must cite at least 1 outside sources in APA format and be well-written. Check all content for grammar, spelling and be sure that you have properly cited all resources (in APA format) used.

Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) is a free website that provides excellent information and resources for understanding and using the APA format and style. The OWL website can be accessed here:

Purdue writing lab – resources. (n.d.). Purdue University.

**Below is the main source for this paper but kindly add at least two other outside sources. **

Having trouble accessing eBook Central resources? Please review the instructions: Finding a chapter in eBook Central Academic

1. Carter, J. (2004). Page to stage: developing writing, speaking and listening skills in primary schools. David Fulton Publishers. Retrieved from eBook Central (accessed through LIRN).

Read pages ix-xi (focuses on the introduction of why poetry writing is important in the classroom)
Read pages 2-119 (focuses on different strategies of poetry writing and the creation of a poetry writing workshop)