Sample Education Literature Review Paper on Putting Pieces Together

REVIEW 15 articles regarding your dissertation topic (Implicit Bias and its Influence on Black Students). Describe the purpose of the study, how the resource is relevant to your study, the population being studied, the sample size, the geographical location where the study was done, the research methodology and research design that was used, and the results of the study. Next, put all pieces of your literature review together you have been working on using the heading “Literature Review”. Using the summaries of your articles from compare these articles. Ensure you are using more than one article in a paragraph. To present your literature, use terms such as So and So… found, examined, concurred, suggested, analyzed, or according to So and So….. If the study was published in the past, use the past tense, or use the present tense if it was published this year.

Your literature review should be organized as follows:

Introduction: Share what your doctoral study is about. Include the purpose, databases used so far to retrieve relevant articles, and keywords used.
Background: Incorporate the instructor’s feedback into the content from the background paragraph you drafted from Module 3
Theoretical or conceptual framework: Incorporate the instructor’s feedback into the paper submitted in Module 2.
Literature review: Using the literature review outline you completed in Module 4, critique/synthesize the resources/articles you have reviewed in this course. Use headings to organize the literature review section.
Conclusion: Based on your literature review, share what is known about your doctoral study’s topic and what is not known. In other words, what problem/issue has the literature shown that needs to be investigated?

PROFESSOR COMMENTS: “I still see an annotated bibliography but not a literature review. I would like to see a literature review not a summary of resources .”