Sample Education Paper on Balancing School and Life

Balancing School and Life

While education plays a key role in life, participating in social activities also contributes to growth and development. The nursing profession trains nurses to meet the needs of their patients. The mentioned career is tough and requires both physical and psychological input. Although the outcomes of patients is a major concern for nurses, it is important for these professionals to look after themselves to ensure that they remain healthy and can meet the needs of their patients. For a nursing student, balancing one’s educational needs and life is important in training for the demands that one will be encountered during the nursing career.

The Quality of Life Self Care Wheel assessment tool enabled me to identify the strengths and weaknesses that I have. The former included career/school and passion. I scored an eight in career/school and a seven in passion. Although my scores in these areas were high, they showed that there was room for improvement. One of the factors that contribute to passion and interest in my career is the need to help others. I plan to participate in voluntary activities that are focused on providing health education and basic services, such as free diabetes assessments among the elderly to exercise my passion for nursing. I intend to participate in nursing research, workshops, group discussions, and other activities that will improve my learning experience to enhance knowledge in the field.

The areas that I need to improve on (my weaknesses) include my finances and concern for my health. I scored five in the two segments thus noted that I needed to put more effort into managing them. I plan to manage my finances better by ensuring that I save fifteen percent of my allowances in a savings account, reduce expenditure on non-essential items, and use a shopping list every time I plan to go shopping. I plan to go for general check-ups annually; improve my eating habits by limiting intake of fast foods, exercise for 30 minutes at least three times a week, and increase my water intake to 2-3 liters a day to improve my health.

I plan to put these improvement strategies into action by using a personal development plan, which is a form of self-investment (Tucker, Duncan, & Davis, 2011). The plan entails writing down my goals in the different aspects of life and justifying them and the reward that I will offer myself upon accomplishing them. Including a prize in the plan is an excellent way of ensuring that I achieve the mentioned objectives. I can also use the development plan to develop my strengths because as much as they are strong points, they have room for improvement. (Beausaert, 2013). I will review the development plan weekly to ensure that my goals are specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and have a particular timeframe.

The nursing profession is one of the most critical ones in the jobs sector because it promotes health, which is essential for productivity. While a lot has been said about the obligation of nurses to patients’ care, the importance of these professional’s health goes unnoticed often. I plan to be a healthy nurse. Indeed, I found the Quality of Life Self Care Wheel to be quite helpful. It enabled me to assess my strengths and weaknesses. Aside from using the personal development tool in improving my weaknesses, I plan to use it regularly to evaluate my progress.




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